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I big club swing. / Stop moving puny things.


Giants are towering, heavy duty creatures that are capable of throwing off enemy lines and tanking large amounts of damage. They originate from No Man's Land.

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Starting in Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires, the Giants now belong to tướng the Chaos Empire as servants of Medusa. Their role in the Order military was taken by the Enslaved Giant.


In the first installment, the mô tả tìm kiếm under the No Man's Land territory describes the Giants as "creatures of gargantuan proportions." They wield a large club and drag a dead body toàn thân (presumably a weaker giant) for use as a secondary weapon. They use the miner's idle and walking animations.

In Stick War: Legacy, the Giant has unique and improved animations just lượt thích the rest of the units.

As the leader of the giants, Griffon the Great is the largest unit in the game alongside the trùm cuối Giant. Hailing from the depths of No Man's Land, he wields a molten scythe and dons a mask. The trùm cuối Giant, on the other hand, wears the same mask a Magikill minion (Stick War: Legacy) does and uses the classic club.


In all games, the Giant's attacks stun enemies hit and knock them back. From Stick War: Legacy onward, the Giant's attack hits a maximum of 3 units.

Passive Heal and Cure[]

In Stick War II onward (excluding Legacy), the Giant has the passive healing effect granted to tướng all Chaos units.


The Giant stomps the ground, creating a fissure that stuns and damages enemies in front.

This ability is only available in Stick War: Legacy, and only to tướng Giants with an unlockable skin equipped.

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Stick War and Stick War: Legacy[]

Growth: Giants become larger in size and have more health. This upgrade has three stages, increasing the Giant's health by 20% (Stick War I); 30% (Stick War: Legacy). Visually, they appear larger.

Club: Also undergoes visual changes in Legacy. In the mặc định skin, the first upgrade replaces the club with a large bone, the second a Hammer, and the final upgrade with a Mace.

Helm (Stick War: Legacy Skins): As a nice cosmetic, a Giant with a skin at later upgrades wears a helmet that varies depending on their upgrade.

Stick Empires[]

Giant Growth: Increases the Giant's size and health to tướng 1350/1800.

Stick War III[]

Monstrosity: Increases the Giant's size and health to tướng 1150/1300/1450 and creates a separate building queue. At level 3, also allows the Giant to tướng hit 1 additional unit with its attack.


Using Giants[]

  • In Stick War I, the Giant's AI is always mix to tướng 'Attack' and will not respond to tướng commands. In subsequent games, the Giant can be commanded but cannot garrison (except in Stick Empires).
  • AI Units will match the Giants' tốc độ and stay behind them, letting the Giants soak up most, if not all of the damage. When controlling a Giant, the AI will not vì thế this and will treat the controlled Giant as if it were any other unit.
  • One of the best strengths of the Giant is its ability to tướng soak up huge amounts of damage and plowing through enemy lines by knocking away units such as Swordwrath, Speartons, and Magikill.
  • It is highly recommended to tướng use a skin for the Giant, as skinned Giants are capable of using the Earthquake ability, much lượt thích Griffon the Great can. The Earthquake ability is highly valuable as it can break enemy lines with ease.


  • Overwhelming Giants using multiple Magikill is one way. Summoned minions can keep the Giant at cất cánh, and the Magikill's explosion attack can damage both the Giant and multiple enemy units as well.
  • Use a player-controlled unit, such as a Spearton, and continuously attack the giant from the back. Doing sánh đơn hàng large amounts of damage to tướng the Giant and will lock them in place due to tướng their slow animation.
  • (Stick War I only.) Another way is to tướng utilize the Invisible bug, where you use a unit that is currently garrisoned. Due to tướng a bug in the game's code, the enemy AI will not recognize a garrisoned unit and will ignore them even while being attacked.
  • The Giant's attack animation is extremely slow, allowing players to tướng run rẩy behind it or away from it to tướng avoid its blows.

Skins (Stick War: Legacy)[]

  • The Leaf skin is a good choice, greatly reducing the Giant's massive cost and training time to tướng make them easier to tướng deploy.
  • The Ice skin is a poor choice. The Giant's ability to tướng stun units makes the freeze effect somewhat redundant.
  • The Savage skin is a poor choice. The increased attack tốc độ is not very significant and Giants are immune to tướng stuns, meaning its only real bonus is the extra damage against Deads, which compared to tướng the Vamp skin makes the Giant vulnerable to tướng Poison from Toxic Deads as it cannot garrison.
  • The Lava skin is an excellent choice. The Giant is built for tanking damage, sánh the damage reflect can giảm giá khuyến mãi heavy damage across attacking enemies, and the user-controlled burn effect makes Earthquake much deadlier.
  • The Undead skin is a good choice, allowing slain Giants to tướng revive as tough and highly-damaging Massive Deads. The Giant's relatively low damage per hit means it is not very reliable at creating Deads on its own, but Earthquake compensates by letting them potentially pick off weakened units in large battles by hitting multiple enemies.
  • The Voltaic skin is an excellent choice as the lightning effect strikes all units hit by basic attacks or Earthquake, giving the Giant massive area of effect damage output.
  • The Vamp skin is a good choice. The lifesteal helps improve Giants' staying power in the front line and also applies to tướng Earthquake, giving an instant burst heal if it hits many units.

Real-world Counterparts[]

Note: The section is an excerpt from Wikipedia, and is available under the Creative Commons Public License.

Giants (from Latin and Ancient Greek: "gigas", cognate giga-) are beings of human appearance, but of prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures. The word giant, first attested in 1297, was derived from the Gigantes (Greek: Γίγαντες, Gígantes) of Greek mythology.

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In various Indo-European mythologies, gigantic peoples are featured as primeval creatures associated with chaos and the wild nature, and they are frequently in conflict with the gods, be they Olympian, Celtic, Hindu or Norse. Giants also often play similar roles in the mythologies and folklore of other, non-Indo-European peoples, such as in the Nartiantraditions.

There are also accounts of giants in the Old Testament. Some of these are called Nephilim, a word often translated as giant although this translation is not universally accepted. They include Og King of Bashan, the Nephilim, the Anakim, and the giants of Egypt mentioned in 1 Chronicles 11:23. The first mention of the Nephilim is found in Genesis 6:4; attributed to tướng them are extraordinary strength and physical proportions.

Fairy tales such as "Jack the Giant Killer" have formed the modern perception of giants as stupid and violent monsters, sometimes said to tướng eat humans, while other giants tend to tướng eat the livestock. The antagonist in "Jack and the Beanstalk" is often described as a giant. In some more recent portrayals, lượt thích those of Jonathan Swift and Roald Dahl, some giants are both intelligent and friendly lượt thích the “BFG”.


Stick War[]

  • Giants can perform one of two attack animations: Swinging its club, or throwing the corpse over his shoulder down upon enemy attackers. The former animation is noticeably longer than vãn the latter.
  • Giants can be user-controlled, but vì thế not respond to tướng army commands.
  • Giants' movement tốc độ and attack animation are tied to tướng the game's framerate, sánh on slower machines, AI-controlled Giants will interrupt their own attacks by attempting to tướng attack again before the animation completes.
  • The Magikill's stun duration upgrade also affects the Giant.


  • Enemy giants in Stick War: Legacy hold a Đen club and corpse instead of the usual red.
  • In the Stick Empires trò chơi Guide, Giants are described as "Wielding a large club and dead unit for a weapon it smashes the ground causing stun."
  • Giants with Giant growth ll have a large bar, this is because it has now gained sánh much health that it will be difficult to tướng show sánh many small bars. The only units lượt thích this are Medusa(In her quấn form) and the Statue.
  • There is a visual bug where is 6 Giants attack an Enslaved Giant at the same time, the star that appears when a unit is stunned will appear (although it is immune to tướng stun).
  • Giants have more health than vãn an Enslaved Giant.
  • Chaos Giants are one of the two melee units that can attack flying units, the other being Cycloid. Of the two, the Giant is the only one that can also attack ground units.
  • Despite lacking visible armor, they are still considered Armored in game. This is probably because of their thick skin.
  • Giants are the only unit with two different flavor texts. Giants from Stick War 2 and Stick Empires have the quote "Stop moving puny things" but giants in Stick War: Legacy have the quote "I big club swing"
  • The profile picture and purchase icon for the Giant are different in game than vãn the one in the Armory.(They are the same as the Enslaved Giant)
  • In Stick War: Legacy, giants used to tướng have a stomp attack. This was later replaced with Earthquake