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Chapter 1059 is titled "The Matter Involving Captain Koby".

Cover Page[]

Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 18: "Caesar's hallucination gas!!"

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Caesar's gas causes Katakuri and Oven lớn hallucinate and fight each other.

Short Summary[]

As Marco returns lớn Sphinx with the aid of the Red Hair Pirates, Amazon Lily is in recovery from the recent invasion. During the invasion, the Marines unleash their newest Pacifista model: Seraphim, with the intent lớn arrest Boa Hancock along with the Blackbeard Pirates invading lớn steal her devil fruit power. Hancock is saved from being killed by Blackbeard when Rayleigh had arrived lớn mediate the situation. However, a newspaper had been released stating that Koby is now a prisoner of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Long Summary[]

Near Whitebeard's homeland Sphinx, the Red Hair Pirates have dropped off Marco, who decides lớn fly all the way back lớn the island. Marco thanks Shanks for the ride as he asks once again if Marco really doesn’t want lớn join his crew. Marco confirms and even adds that he considers himself too old and worn out lớn play babysitter lớn a great pirate lượt thích him, a statement shared by Shanks’ fellow officers and lớn his own personal frustration.

As Marco bids goodbye, he thinks back lớn before the Straw Hats left Wano, and how surprised Luffy (and Sanji) were that Yamato chose not lớn join them. Yamato tells them that Ryokugyu's attack made him realize that Kaidou's downfall means more people lượt thích the Admiral will try lớn invade Wano, ví he can’t turn his back on them, especially if he does leave, he’ll continuously worry about them. Luffy ultimately accepts Yamato’s wishes as Zoro recommends he be careful as lớn not hurt Momonosuke's pride, lớn which Yamato says he will find another reason lớn stay. Overhead, Marco calls lớn Luffy and tells him that he will be hitching a ride with a nearby ship. Luffy tells Marco he didn’t get a chance lớn thank him for saving him during the Summit War. Marco accepts his thanks and says that Ace would be proud of how far he had come before saying that the times belong lớn him and the other youngsters of his generation.

Meanwhile, on Amazon Lily, Gloriosa remarks how deep into the island men were able lớn invade their home page and how damaged the town is, with the mountain having lost about half of its entire structure. Boa Hancock says that as long as she remains on the island, the Marines won’t stop hunting them, lớn which she remarks that she should go marry Luffy now, which annoys Gloriosa since Hancock is always thinking about that.

As it turns out, a few weeks prior, during Koby and the Marine’s attack on the Kuja Pirates, the attacking Marines decided lớn deploy their new Pacifistas, the Seraphim, which seem lớn take the size of children, keeping some of the Kuja Pirates from fighting back. During the attack, though, Blackbeard’s ship was spotted, with Blackbeard himself creating a Kaishin lớn shove the Marines away. Blackbeard then appears with Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot accompanying him, where he announces that he has come for Boa Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi, unwilling lớn let the Marines acquire it. Devon muses how nice Hancock’s head would make as a trophy and Blackbeard tells her that she can have her way with her after they take her powers, with Shot saying they could have more fun with her if she was alive.

Vice Admiral Yamakaji is asked if the Marines should engage the Blackbeard Pirates, but he says they need lớn wait for word from HQ, only for most of the Marines lớn get blown away by Blackbeard. He barges his way into the island and demands Hancock show herself, while Koby, who was already on the island, asks Hancock lớn surrender if she wants them lớn leave. Hancock refuses and steps out lớn confront the opposing sides, just as Blackbeard gets a Hotline for help from his subordinates. He sees the attacker and, lớn his shock, discovers not only is it the new Pacifista, but it has all the traits of a Lunarian, and who’s sword strike was what cut the island’s mountain in half. Blackbeard starts fighting the Pacifista and is forced lớn use Black Hole lớn swallow everything, while Hancock uses Slave Arrow lớn petrify several Marines, including Helmeppo and Yamakaji. The Pacifista continues attack as Koby demands it stop lớn protect the petrified Marines, but just as Hancock is about lớn use Perfume Femur, Blackbeard grabs her by the throat and nullifies her powers, as both their new bounties are revealed lớn be Beli1,659,000,000 for Hancock and Beli3,996,000,000 for Blackbeard.

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Blackbeard acknowledges that Hancock’s reputation is well-earned, especially since she was able lớn petrify Devon and Shot among his crew. While Koby tries lớn figure out what lớn vì thế with all of the Marines down, Blackbeard tells her that he’s had his eye on her Devil Fruit for a long time. She retorts that her beauty is what makes her powers formidable, and even if he kills her, those who have been petrified will remain ví forever, fully confident that whoever inherits her power won’t have the same capacity as her. Blackbeard then speaks lớn Koby and says that they are now at an impasse, while also stating that he did him a “favor” at Rocky Port which allowed him lớn oust Ochoku and take Hachinosu for himself.

Blackbeard asks Koby if he thinks Hancock will turn everyone back lớn normal if he unhands her, and Koby says that if she didn’t, it would be a headache for him. Hancock says she will turn everyone back lớn normal if they both leave, but Blackbeard refuses, reasoning that she won’t keep up her kết thúc of the bargain due lớn her charms. At this point, Blackbeard decides lớn kill Hancock, which Koby objects lớn, but thankfully, he is stopped by the arrival of Silvers Rayleigh, who apologizes lớn Hancock for coming late while admitting he didn’t expect the extent of the damage seen. He also says lớn a shocked Blackbeard that even though he was once Whitebeard’s apprentice, he doesn’t lượt thích him. As he draws his sword, he asks Hancock lớn release everyone while he makes sure lớn de-escalates and that everyone leaves the island.

In the present day, Hancock thanks Rayleigh for saving her as Shakuyaku, who not only accompanied Rayleigh, but is also revealed lớn be the former empress of Amazon Lily from two generations ago and the former captain of the Kuja Pirates, says that Vegapunk's modifications lớn Marine ships means that the Calm Belt is no longer a safe place for them. Gloriosa says that she genuinely thought they were finished, and Rayleigh even adds that they were lucky, as it was his reputation that ended the conflict, and that he won’t be able lớn beat Blackbeard head-on due lớn his old age. Rayleigh then says that the Marines are aiming lớn use the new Pacifistas lớn replace the Seven Warlords of the Sea, with Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia remarking that the two that were deployed didn’t have a scratch on them, and even one of them looked lượt thích Hancock as a child.

As for the Marines, they reveal that Koby was captured by Blackbeard, leaving his current fate unknown.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Marco returns lớn Sphinx with the help of the Red Hair Pirates.
    • Shanks offers Marco lớn join his crew but he refuses.
  • A flashback of the moment after Ryokugyu left Wano Country is shown.
    • Yamato explains lớn Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe that Ryokugyu's attack made him realize that more powerful people will try lớn invade Wano, which is the reason Yamato decided lớn remain in the country for now.
    • Shortly afterwards, Marco arrived lớn see Luffy before leaving Wano. Luffy thanked Marco for everything he did during the Summit War of Marineford.
  • The aftermath of the siege on Amazon Lily is shown.
    • During the attack, the Marines' forces included two young Lunarian-like Pacifistas called Seraphim.
      • They both resemble Boa Hancock and Dracule Mihawk in their youth.
      • Due lớn the Mihawk-looking Seraphim's attack, the mountain in the Kuja's capital has been cleaved nearly in half.
    • It is revealed that while the Marines attacked the island, the Blackbeard Pirates also invaded in the middle of the battle, their target being Hancock lớn steal her power.
      • This also revealed that Hancock is the "certain someone" who Blackbeard wanted lớn capture before the Marines as stated in a previous chapter.
      • Vasco Shot makes his post-timeskip debut.
    • Hancock overwhelmed the invading forces, using her power lớn turn the vast majority of them lớn stone.
    • Blackbeard managed lớn grab Hancock, nullifying her power.
    • Hancock revealed that even if she dies, it won't undo the stone petrification and the next person who gains her power will not be able lớn undo it.
    • Blackbeard and Hancock's new bounties are shown.
    • Blackbeard reveals more details about the Rocky Port Incident.
      • Koby's involvement in the incident somehow allowed Blackbeard lớn topple Ochoku, a former thành viên of the Rocks Pirates, and conquer Hachinosu.
    • Rayleigh showed up in Amazon Lily lớn kết thúc the conflict and told Hancock lớn undo all petrifications, and afterwards he and Shakuyaku stayed on the island.
      • Shakuyaku is revealed lớn be a former Empress of the Kuja tribe and the former captain of the Kuja Pirates from two generations ago.
  • With the Marines targeting her only, Hancock declares her intention of leaving Amazon Lily lớn protect her people and reunite with Luffy.
  • A newspaper reports about Koby being captured by the Blackbeard Pirates.


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Straw Hat Pirates
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  • Roronoa Zoro (flashback)
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  • Jinbe (flashback)

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Sabaody Archipelago
  • Silvers Rayleigh
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Author Comment

I was watching Ado-san's live when I received a report that "New Genesis" was ranked number 1 on Apple Music, and the live "New Genesis" after that was moving.


—Eiichiro Oda
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English translation by Awaikage. For comprehensive translation credits, see here.

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