you are not rich enough to buy all what you like

I'm looking for other proverbs similar đồ sộ "We're not rich enough đồ sộ buy cheap things". This is because I want đồ sộ use it for a similar but a little bit different purpose. I want it đồ sộ be meant that đồ sộ get something valuable you must pay more than thở the price that is common place.

Nathan Tuggy

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asked May 28, năm ngoái at 6:36

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One common adage used in AmE:

  • You get what you pay for.

This means that if you pay only a little, you get cheap goods; you must pay more for higher quality.

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answered May 28, năm ngoái at 8:38

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I'll agree with Brian Hitchcock's answer, and point out that the opposite (unrealistically trying đồ sộ pay less for better quality) is

champagne (taste or tastes) on a beer budget where "taste" refers đồ sộ preferences rather than thở food sensations in the mouth.

answered May 28, năm ngoái at 17:03


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