talk about life in the countryside

Living in a rural setting exposes you đồ sộ sánh many marvelous things. - the natural world and the particular texture of small-town life, and the exhilarating experience of open space.

By Susan Orlean

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In one country, state, or province, there is a zone called countryside.

A countryside or a non-urban area is a region with a minor population mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa, small settlements, and vast farmland. Most of the people in the small town get familiar with agriculture because farmland is abundant. Furthermore, some people raise farm animals such as pigs, chickens, or cows.

The residences of the rural area are not enormous and full of facilities. In contrast, countryside people build their houses following the geography, weather, and society.

Here is my story about my district.

I grew up and was raised in a small town in the northern part of Thailand before staying in the big đô thị in order đồ sộ finish high school. My rural town is in the middle of the way between 2 cities. It is around a great mountain and has an abundance of forest.

The population mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is lower kêu ca the đô thị, but the population increases every year. Here is my story from when I was in the non-urban area. Staying in a small town might be difficult for someone, but a small town has its own charm.


My small district is made up of many communities and villages.

Each of the villages has a leader. The official role of the village's leader is đồ sộ promulgate the essential news and information from the central district. People love đồ sộ share things without any costs.

When they have products, they will exchange with each other. Even if we have problems, the head of the village will give us aid. The temple is the central place for people đồ sộ bởi activities together.

When we have enormous events or bereavements, the temple is the place of gathering. The central district government will take care of all the villages. If people have an urgent or essential issue, the office of the district government will help you as much as they can.

The district still receives the news from the province and shares it đồ sộ the folks again. My small town seems đồ sộ be full of amity, but there are sánh many conflicts which are difficult đồ sộ find resolutions for.

Businesses and Jobs

Agriculture is a crucial industry in my hometown. Most of the folks are farmers, agriculturalists, and orchardists.

There is plenty of farmland around the hills. After the harvesting, farmers will have a celebration. Some farmers keep their rice in storage, but some sell it đồ sộ the rice mills.

In my district, it has an agricultural association. When they have trouble, they can liên hệ them directly. There are sánh many traders, merchants, and business owners in my district.

The market is the center of exchanging goods and products. Once said, If you want đồ sộ know the economy of the community, you will have đồ sộ look at the market. People usually spend time in the market, especially in the morning.

There are many restaurants and accommodations for travelers. One of the most dominant businesses is coffee shops. Coffee shops are growing very fast because my hometown lies in the area around the mountains, sánh, coffee is one of the many featured plants.

The government organizations partner with the police will provide essential sida đồ sộ the people. They earn income from the government monthly. The government officers or district officers will receive significant problems and report đồ sộ the province.

They will receive the news and information from the province office and share it with the people in the district again. Voluntary activity is one of the many popular activities.

Many people in my community love taking part in voluntary charity. For example, when a temple has a ceremony, people will help the ceremony with their full enthusiasm. After the kết thúc of the ceremony, they will have a big buổi tiệc ngọt.

Traffic and expedition

The majority of the population in my small town use motorcycles for their expedition.

The reason why my mallow has many motorcycles is because it does not cost arms and legs, the size is small, but it is very comfortable and fast đồ sộ travel. Teenagers who are over 15 years old can deserve a motorcycle drivers license. In contrast, there are a ton of negligent accidents that are caused by motorcycles every year.

Cars are one of the useful vehicles in my hometown. Adults who are over 18 years old usually use cars đồ sộ arrive at their offices. Some hill tribes use pickup cars đồ sộ export and import their products đồ sộ my community.

Some bicycles are used for going đồ sộ the school of some students and bicycle riders in the mountains. The bicycles are not useful because the distance is quite far from trang chính đồ sộ the office. Wagons and walking are not uncommon too. For walking, it is quite risky for pedestrians, especially at night.

The traffic flows well because the number of cars is low. The police also manipulate the traffic every morning and evening sánh that traffic is organized.

Natural Attractions

My hometown is around with mountains. In my district, there is one national park.

The reason why we have a national park is our district has an abundance of forests and wild animals. Our hometown has many outstanding natural resources. We used đồ sộ have a great and famous mine.

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Unfortunately, about twenty years ago, there was a mine that collapsed and it became a tragedy. The hot spring is one of many significant natural attractions. Every year, tons of tourists will visit our hot spring and gain precious experiences and memories.

Furthermore, on top of the mountain in the national park, people might ride bikes in order đồ sộ see one of the most dominant natural treasures. A sea of mist that happens during winter in the morning can let tourists fall in love with my hometown.


My country has a diversity of food. In general, the food is divided into two groups. They are Thai food and local food.

Thai food refers đồ sộ food that most people know well, and most restaurants sell it. Thai people can eat anywhere around the world.

Local food or traditional food means food of the region. Every region has its own food and recipes. My district is in the Northern part of Thailand.

Northern Thai food or Lana food is abundant. My community has sánh many local food restaurants. Moreover, some families still cook Lanna food.

Thus, the people have choices about what they want đồ sộ eat and consume today.

Culture and Tradition

We are taught from generation đồ sộ generation by elders that we should respect their elders.

Most of the elders in my community love sharing their smiles with others. The Thai new year, which starts from the 13th until till 16th of April, we are going đồ sộ apologize for what we acted đồ sộ elders inappropriately. They will pour water on the hands of revered elders and ask for blessings.

Moreover, it is the day of all members of families. When we have enormous events such as district anniversary annually, the majority of the population will give sida and participate in the district activities. It shows that we care about society and the happiness of the people.


Working in my community is not quite competitive.

The people work with easy and chilled style, but they work with their full capacity. The majority of the work is about agriculture. The people still raise themselves with their benefits after harvesting.

Moreover, many businesses, such as restaurants, offices, factories, or stores, are growing fast, it increases the opportunity for job hiring in our community. For government officers, the highest priority of working in my district is development. They emphasize prosperity in every part, and the happiness of people should be stable.

However, too many bad cooks spoils the broth. Some people always have problems with work.

Hospital and treatment

When you think about curing, our district has a hospital, clinic, health station, and other health organization that provides treatment đồ sộ all the people. Our hospital has general medical equipment, and it can cure and basically treat people. In contrast, even our hospital sounds good, but there are a few problems.

The hospital is quite big, but the queue is long. Patients have đồ sộ wait in line đồ sộ get treatment for a long time. The doctors are not sufficient with the patients.

Police Stations

There are two Police Stations in my district. The police officers take care of people well, sánh the crime rate is low. The police officers preserve the district security and hamper crimes.

The police officers also manipulate the traffic. In the morning and evening before going back trang chính, police will control traffic at the crowded junctions, especially the downtown junction of my district. Besides, police officers have a role in education.

D.A.R.E is one of the projects of the police. This project will teach children and teenagers đồ sộ realize the dangers of drugs. They will teach students how đồ sộ stay away from drugs.

Schools and Education

In my countryside, there are three types of schools, which are public schools, private schools, technical colleges, and non-formal and informal education centers.

Public schools have a low tuition fee, sánh everyone in every status can study in these public schools. Moreover, Hill students have the right đồ sộ reach đồ sộ education. For private schools, most parents are quite wealthy.

They will send their children đồ sộ the schools. However, private schools provide some scholarships for them. The technical college is one of many educational institutions.

The students will fulfill with working experience. Most of the knowledge is about general electricity, motors studies, tài khoản studies, etc. When they are 18-years old, they can work and earn income.

The last one is the non-formal education center. Are you sánh busy with your business? The center will give you options of time đồ sộ study. Most of the students will lessons at the weekends because from Monday đồ sộ Friday, they have their own businesses or works.

The main target of this learning is đồ sộ emphasize students understand the society, business, and income, and knowledge. Students can work and learn together.

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What is my favorite thing in my district?

What is my favorite thing in my district? In my opinion, the most outstanding in my district is the diversity of the people.

It seems đồ sộ be ordinary, but it is full of unspeakable words. I can not explain, but I can feel it. People are sánh friendly in my district and that's what I love the most.

The reason why we are peaceful is the culture of respectfulness also teaches bủ đồ sộ respect other people, the general society, and global people. I want đồ sộ say that it is essential đồ sộ respect each other. They are different, but they are people lượt thích us. That's really brilliant for bủ.