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Stick War Legacy  MOD APK 2023.5.168_

By HN - January 25, 2024 (6 days ago)

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Name Stick War Legacy
Requires Android 4.1+
Publisher Max Games Studios
Size 82.2MB
Latest Version 2023.5.168_
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited gems, gold, upgrade 999 army, skin vip
Category Strategy
Get It On MOD APK Google Play
Price FREE
Genre Strategy
Update January 25, 2024 (6 days ago )

Stick War Legacy is a unique strategy game on mobile phones, attracting players with gameplay revolving around unique stick characters. Belonging to tát the real-time strategy (RTS) game series developed by Max Games Studios, this game quickly attracted the attention of the MOBA gaming community and has reached hundreds of millions of downloads on mobile. In this game, players will control a stickman army and participate in the battle between different factions. LMHAPKS quickly provides mod versions to tát optimize the gaming experience.

Download the game Stick War Legacy MOD APK – The war between the Stickman armies

Stick War Legacy’s gameplay focuses on tactics and team building. Battles between opposing stick figures create dramatic, crowded battles. Collecting resources to tát develop and upgrade the army is an important factor. Defeating enemies and capturing land is the player’s goal. The game has a fascinating storyline, where players will participate in the war between different stickman factions, each with its own characteristics and fighting goals. Players will build and manage military facilities, gather resources, and train soldiers to tát engage in real-time strategy battles.


Many players thanks to tát new gameplay and design

Stick War Legacy MOD APK brings war between legions of stick people with a large number of installs and downloads globally. Unique gameplay and visual design help the game stand out. Many missions and challenges are offered, from easy levels to tát difficult challenges. Developing strategies and understanding the enemy’s weaknesses is the key to tát victory. Besides, players will have the opportunity to tát explore the newest feature – Custom Statues with unique effects and rewards. Choosing between the Brilliant, Frosty, and Golden statues offers unique advantages that will help optimize your gaming experience. Each statue is designed with its own uniqueness, promising to tát bring a new and attractive atmosphere to tát players.

Character and soldier system

Diverse combat formation with 5 types of troops, each with its own characteristics. Archers, swords, spears, mages and giant bosses all play important roles in battle. Unpredictable changes in troop usage are important decisions, and Stick War Legacy MOD APK helps make matches easier.

  1. Archer Soldiers: These are talented warriors with bows and arrows, capable of powerful long-range attacks. They can block opponents from afar and damage them before you encounter them directly.
  2. Sword Warriors: Sword warriors will play a major role in direct attacks, using the power of close weapons to tát defeat enemies. They are agile and have the ability to tát attack almost without stopping.
  3. Spearmen: Spear-wielding warriors will suffocate enemies with powerful attacks from afar. The ability to tát destroy opponents before they approach will be an important key to tát your strategy.
  4. Mages: Your squad needs tư vấn from mages to tát use magic and special skills. Mages can create great effects and even make opponents incapacitated.
  5. Giant Boss: Fighting is indispensable for an important character lượt thích the Giant trùm cuối. This is a symbol of strength and power, capable of crushing opponents with unparalleled attack power and endurance.


In Stick War: Legacy, there are many different types of soldiers, each with its own characteristics and plays an important role in the player’s battle strategy. Here are some soldiers you may encounter in the game:

  1. Miner (Gold mine):
    • People work in gold mines to tát gather resources and build facilities.
  2. Swordwrath (Sword Soldier):
    • Basic soldiers use swords to tát attack opponents.
  3. Archidon (Archer):
    • Soldiers have bows and arrows and can attack from afar.
  4. Spearon (stickman throwing nails):
    • Use spikes to tát attack from a distance and khuyễn mãi giảm giá great damage.
  5. Magikill (Witch):
    • Troops have the ability to tát use magic and special skills to tát tư vấn or attack opponents.
  6. Giants (Giant Stickman):
    • Giant soldiers have high strength and durability, suitable for attacking the enemy.
  7. Bomber (stickman throwing bombs):
    • Use bombs to tát attack, especially effective in destroying opponent’s facilities.
  8. Crawlers:
    • Soldiers have the ability to tát move quickly and attack at high tốc độ.
  9. Dead:
    • Troops have the ability to tát regenerate after being destroyed, creating more pressure on the enemy.
  10. Medusa (Medusa):
    • A special type of soldier, capable of turning opponents into stone.
  11. Giant Slayer:
    • Soldiers have special skills and weapons to tát fight and attack giant soldiers

Diverse weapons for you to tát choose from

In the game Stick War: Legacy, there are different types of weapons and soldiers that players can use to tát build and strengthen their army. Below are some of the weapons and units in the game:

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  1. Stick:
    • Basic soldiers often use sticks as weapons. They have moderate strength and are suitable for close combat.
  2. Sword:
    • Soldiers with swords often have better attack range phàn nàn those who only use sticks. Swords help increase the ability to tát khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage.
  3. Bow and arrow:
    • This unit has the ability to tát attack from a distance. They use bows and arrows to tát inflict damage from afar on their opponents.
  4. Stickman throwing nails:
    • This unit can throw spikes from a distance to tát attack opponents. Can guard against remote attackers such as archers.
  5. Stickman with wings:
    • This type of soldier is capable of moving quickly and attacking at high tốc độ. They are suitable for carrying out surprise attacks.
  6. Combat vehicles:
    • Stick War: Legacy features combat vehicles such as chariots or tanks, which can provide great attack and protection power.
  7. Witch:
    • Some types of soldiers can use magic and special skills, such as sorcery, to tát enhance their combat abilities.
  8. Heavy soldiers:
    • Heavy soldiers are often equipped with heavy armor and weapons, helping to tát increase their endurance and attack power.

Weapons and units may vary depending on the player’s level and the faction they choose. This creates diversity and tactics in building and managing troops.


Costumes designed in a unique style

The game’s unique costume system is not only a visual highlight but also an important factor that determines the player’s strategy. The costumes are designed in a unique style, bringing players into an exciting world of creativity and diversity.

From vibrant colors to tát delicate patterns, each outfit is a distinct work of art, expressing each character’s individuality and unique style. The ability to tát customize outfits not only helps players express their ego but also brings special tactical benefits.

The costumes not only bring attractive beauty but also have special effects in the match. For example, an outfit can enhance a character, making them stronger with each attack.

Choose from 7 modes according to tát your desired preferences

Stick War: Legacy features many different game modes, providing players with diverse experiences that challenge their tactical and management abilities. Here are some popular game modes in Stick War: Legacy:

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  1. Campaign:
    • This mode takes players on a journey through many different levels and environments. Players will face challenges and dangerous opponents as they progress through the story.
  2. Tournament Mode:
    • This is a challenge mode where players can face off against computer opponents or challenge other players in PvP (Player versus Player) matches.
  3. Survival Mode:
    • In this mode, players will face increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The goal is to tát survive and destroy as many enemies as possible.
  4. Challenge Mode:
    • Provide special challenges with special or limited conditions to tát test the player’s creativity and strategy.
  5. Invasion Mode:
    • In this mode, players must defend their territory from attacks from enemy troops. The goal is to tát maintain territory and survive the number of rounds.
  6. Free Skirmish Mode:
    • Allows players to tát create custom matches, choose opponents, configure maps and other parameters to tát create a personalized playing experience.
  7. Endless Deads:
    • A special survival mode in which the player must fight off large numbers of enemies non-stop.

The above modes all bring diversity and challenge to tát players, helping to tát create a rich gaming experience in Stick War: Legacy.


MOD APK version of Stick War Legacy

MOD function available

  • MOD Menu
  • Full Diamonds, gems
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlimited upgrades
  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP skin, huge 9999 skin
  • Versions of lmhmod and gamehayvl

The perfect combination of ancient and modern styles has helped the game achieve much success and warm tư vấn from gamers. To survive and develop, you need to tát have reasonable tactics and battle plans. The higher the level, the stronger the enemy will be. You will get more failures phàn nàn wins. Don’t want to tát accept bitter, unpleasant defeat. Then tải về Stick War Legacy now to tát help you win more easily.