somebody has taken my briefcase

1. Somebody has taken my briefcase.

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-> My briefcase has been taken.

2. The teacher returned our written work to lớn us.

-> Our written work was returned to lớn us by the teacher.

-> We were returned our written work by the teacher.

3. She had finished her report by soon.

-> Her report had been finished by soon.

4. The mad dog bit the little boy.

-> The little boy was bitten by the mad dog.

5. The police have arrested five suspects.

-> Five suspects have been arrested by the police.

6. The doctor ordered him to lớn take a long rest.

-> He was ordered to lớn take a long rest by the doctor.

7. Lightening struck the house.

-> The house was struck by lightening.

8. A group of students have met their friends at the rail way station.

-> A group of students’ friends have been met at the rail way station.

9. They didn’t allow Tom to lớn take these books home page.

-> Tom wasn’t allowed to lớn take these books home page.

10. The teacher won’t correct exercises tomorrow.

-> Exercises will not be corrected by the teacher tomorrow.

11. Marry has operated Tom since 10 o’clock.

-> Tom has been operated by Mary since 10 o’clock.

12. This is the second time they have written to lớn us about this.

-> This is the second time we have been written about this.

13. Mr. Smith has taught us French for two year.

-> We have been taught French by Mr. Smith for two years.

14. They didn’t look after the children properly.

-> The children weren’t looked after properly.

15. Nobody swept this street last week.

-> This street wasn’t swept last week.

16. People drink a great khuyến mãi of tea in England.

-> A great khuyến mãi of tea is drunk in England.

17. People speak English all over the world.

-> English is spoken all over the world.

18. Tom was writing two poems.

-> Two poems were being written by Tom.

19. She often takes her dog for a walk.

-> Her dog was often taken for a walk (by her).

20. They can’t make tea with cold water.

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-> Tea can’t be made with cold water.

II/ Change the following sentences from active into passive khuông.

 Yes – No questions.

1.Do they teach English here?

- Was English taught here?

2.Will you invite her to lớn your wedding party?

- Will she be invited to lớn your party?

3.Did the teacher give some exercises?

- Were some exercises given by the teacher?

4.Is she going to lớn write a poem?

- Is a poem going to lớn be written by her?

5.Have they changed the window of the laboratory?

-  Has the window of the laboratory been changed?

6.Is she making big cake for the party?

- Is big cake being made for the tiệc nhỏ by her?

7.Has Tom finished the work?

- Has the work been finished by Tom?

8.Are the police making inquiries about the thief?

Are inquiries being made about the thief by the police?

9.Must we finish the test before ten?

- Must the test be finished before ten?

10.Will buses bring the children home?

- Will the children be brought home page by buses?

II.2   Wh – question:

11. When will you vì thế the work?

-> When will the work be done?

12. How many days did she spend finishing the work?

-> How many days was the work spent finishing by her?

13. How vì thế you spend this amount of money?

-> How is this amount of money spent?

14. What books are people reading this year?

-> What books are being read this year?

15. How did the police find the lost man?

-> How was the lost man found by the police?



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