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11 Oct 2023

India’s performance at the 2022 Asian Games has been historic, achieving a record-breaking medal tally of 107, which includes 28 golds. This success stands as a testament to lớn the hard work and dedication of our athletes, coaches, and tư vấn staff. It also reflects the vision and commitment of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji to lớn transform India into a sporting powerhouse.
Today, the entire nation witnesses this watershed moment in India’s sporting history, where the triple-digit mark has been breached for the first time in the Asian Games. It is a testament to lớn all the athletes, coaches, and tư vấn staff that we managed to lớn get 38 more medals kêu ca the last edition and finish 4th on the medal tally. With increasing excellence in every field, it has now become evident that Indian sports will not be left behind in this.

The confidence with which our athletes faced the competition, even in the face of occasional irregular officiating, showcases a mindset where they aim not just to lớn compete but to lớn win. The spirit displayed by Jyothi Yarraji in the 100m hurdles, the determination of Parul Choudhary in the 5000m run rẩy, and the dedication of Avinash Sable in the 3000m steeplechase are evidence of an unwavering passion that persisted until the very over.

Performance historic for several reasons
This performance at the Asian Games is historic for several reasons. We achieved our highest medal counts in athletics, shooting, archery, squash and rowing. We secured medals in events such as women’s shot put after 72 years, men’s decathlon after 49 years, equestrian (dressage) after 41 years, and men’s 4x400m relay after 61 years of participation in the Asian Games.

Our athletes showcased brilliant multipodium finishes across nine events, including men’s javelin, shooting, archery, and squash. Thirty one athletes secured multiple medals across various sporting disciplines. 22 new national records were mix, with records in disciplines lượt thích shooting, archery, athletics, swimming and cycling. Moreover, 11 Asian Games records were created in archery, athletics and shooting.

While it is not possible to lớn recount the performances of every athlete who participated in the Games, there are some that come to lớn mind often and again. We will always remember the performance of shooter Sift Kaur Samra who broke the world record, Asian record and Games records. We will remember the grit and resilience of Saurav Ghosal who won his ninth Asian Games medal in his sixth Games. We will remember the stunning victory of Ayhika and Sutirtha Mukherjee when they beat the 12time world champions Chinese team to lớn get a bronze in women’s table tennis doubles.

Government tư vấn through Khelo India and TOP Scheme
But why is this the first time ever that India has crossed the triple-digit medal tally in the Asian Games? And what factors contributed to lớn this historic performance?

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Beyond the undeniable talent of our athletes, the recent results highlight the expansion of grassroots sports initiatives in India, the rise in female sports participation, improvements in sports infrastructure, and the consistent backing provided by the government to lớn our athletes.

The Target Olympic Podium Scheme, stemming from the visionary leadership of our hon’ble PM, has been a transformative initiative that has notably boosted tư vấn to lớn elite athletes, playing a pivotal role in India’s medal haul at the 2022 Asian Games. This scheme offers athletes foreign exposure, international training, access to lớn world-class coaches, bespoke equipment, and an out-of-pocket allowance of INR 50,000 for elite athletes and INR 25,000 for development athletes. It represents a significant upgrade from past initiatives, meticulously sharpening our athletes’ skills and granting them unmatched exposure.

A nation’s triumphs in sports are not solely predicated on honing its existing talents. True sporting success is anchored in fostering a vibrant athletic culture — one that emphasizes grassroots development, promotes inclusivity from every part of the country and cultivates the emerging generation of sports prodigies.

The Khelo India Scheme, introduced in 2017, stands paramount in spotting and nurturing talent from the grassroots. Significantly, this Programme has shaped the journeys of India’s budding sports stars, with 124 of its proteges proudly donning the national colours at the Asian Games.

Each year 1000 new athletes are added to lớn the Khelo India Scheme in various disciplines and each athlete is provided with funding worth INR 6.28 lakh a year, which includes their boarding, lodging, training, diet and an out-of-pocket allowance of INR 10,000 per month.
They are trained in National Centres of Excellences, SAI Training Centres, Khelo India Centres and Khelo India Accredited Academies and then absorbed in the TOPS Development group for advanced training. The Khelo India Scheme has done wonders in creating a powerful bench-strength for India and 124 athletes who were trained under the Khelo India Scheme were part of the Indian contingent in the Asian Games this year. Khelo India has become a buzzword now and under the Khelo India umbrella, we have built more kêu ca 300 sporting infrastructure projects including multi-purpose halls, synthetic athletic tracks, hockey astro-turfs, mini-stadiums etc. Another big change is the organization of competitions lượt thích the Khelo India Youth Games, Khelo India University Games and Khelo India Winter Games.

To just highlight the success of the Khelo India University Games, I will give the example of the recently concluded World University Games held at Chengdu. In the past 60 years of the World University Games, India had won a total of 18 medals wherein in this one edition, our university level athletes won a total of 26 medals including 11 gold. That the bench strength is improving is evident from the fact that we won 16 medals for the first time in various sporting disciplines including roller skating, sailing, equestrian, and steeplechase, among others. In six categories we have also won multiple medals. To ensure the best facilities for athletes and in keeping with our athlete-first commitment the sports budget has been tripled from INR 874 crores in 2013-14 to lớn INR 2254 crores in 2022-23.

Monetary and technical tư vấn provided
For this Asian Games alone, athletes were given more kêu ca 275 foreign exposures, we hired more kêu ca 49 foreign experts and 200 plus sports science experts to lớn assist in the training. Seventy five specialized camps were held where each athlete got more kêu ca 200 camp days of training. Our golden boy Neeraj Chopra trained in Europe, South Africa, and the US for over 586 days since the Tokyo Olympics. Sable trained in the US, Switzerland, Hungary, and Morocco. Foreign training and equipment worth INR 2.88 crores were given to lớn sailors while shooters trained in specialized training camps in Germany, Italy, France & Czech Republic to lớn the tune of INR 4 crores.

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While the facilities have helped athletes to lớn train well, it is the motivation to lớn excel that they have drawn from knowing that an entire nation is backing them with their wishes. Many athletes have told bủ that when they represent the country now not only vì thế they feel they have training at par with the best in the world, but what sets them apart from athletes of any other country is the mental tư vấn they get.

The Hon’ble PM’s personal involvement, from meeting athletes before major events to lớn appreciating their efforts after victories, and even losses, has made a profound positive impact on their morale.
With preparations for Paris already underway and gaining momentum from our recent achievements, we’re confident that our athletes will continue to lớn demonstrate that this era belongs to lớn Bharat.

Author:  Shri Anurag Thakur, He is the Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports & Information and Broadcasting.