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Xem test Đề thi đua CK1 Anh 8 Global Xem test Đề thi đua CK1 Anh 8 Smart Xem test Đề thi đua CK1 Anh 8 Friends

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Đề thi đua Học kì 1 - Global Success

Năm học tập 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 8

Thời gian lận thực hiện bài: phút


Listen to tát some information about a festival. Circle the best answer A, B, or C. You will listen TWICE.

1. How often does the Gong Festival take place?

          A. Every year.

          B. Every five years.

          C. Twice a year.

2. Why are gongs used in many ceremonies?

          A. Because people believe they can help connect with gods.

          B. Because they can produce heavy rhythm.

          C. Because people can dance to tát them.

3. What is different about this year’s festival?

          A. It has been the first festival since the culture of gongs was recognised by UNESCO.

          B. Foreigners will perform at the festival.

          C. People can take photos at the festival.

4. What can people bởi at the festival?

          A. They have a chance to tát win a prize.    

          B. They can buy gongs from different ethnic groups.

          C. They can attend a gong culture exhibition.

5. What will happen if the festival is a success?

          A. The festival will happen more regularly.

          B. Gong artists from other countries will visit more often.

          C. The festival will be held in other countries.


TASK 1. Read the passage. Circle the best answer A, B, or C to tát each of the questions.

When the fireworks light up the sky across the states in America, they signalise the transition moment between the old year and the new year. At Times Square, Thành Phố New York City, this sacred moment is illuminated by the traditional dropping of a dazzling ball. It’s fantastic to tát see the confetti rain down over the square and people cheer and take selfies to tát say a farewell to tát another departing year. Before this annual great sự kiện, numerous flocks of New Year’s Eve celebrants, beginning to tát head for the square at 2 p.m., join the big celebratory tiệc nhỏ and enthusiastically wait until the clock strikes midnight. A handful of festivities, lượt thích live music performances from famous artists, happen during this time. People can enjoy the bustling evening atmosphere among the enormous crowds in the avenues or observe the sự kiện on the rooftops of luxury high buildings. Although it’s inconvenient to tát wait long hours in cold weather to tát see the ball drop and colourful fireworks displays, it’s worth the wait.   

1. What is the passage mainly about?

          A. A way to tát enjoy the ball drop at Times Square.

          B. A farewell tiệc nhỏ to tát celebrate New Year in the USA.

          C. A special New Year’s Eve sự kiện in Thành Phố New York City.

2. What does the word they in line 1 mean?

          A. The fireworks.

          B. The sacred moments.

          C. The states.

3. What does the ball drop create?

          A. The flocks of cheerful people.

          B. The cold rain at midnight.

          C. The shower of pieces of coloured paper.

4. When bởi people start to tát arrive at Times Square?

          A. At 2 p.m.

          B. At midnight.

          C. In the evening.

5. Which of the following is TRUE about the ball drop event?

          A. There is no live music performance before the sự kiện.

          B. People can sit on the rooftop of a building to tát watch the sự kiện.

          C. It’s comfortable for revellers to tát wait for the sự kiện on a cold night.

TASK 2. Complete the reading passage. Write ONE suitable word in each blank.

Hill tribal markets are a distinctive feature in northern mountainous provinces in Viet Nam. Every year, these unique markets attract millions of holidaymakers who love finding out the culture of ethnic (1)  ___________ groups lượt thích the Tay, the Hmong, etc. Most flea markets take place once a week, from early morning till noon due to tát the inconvenience of long (2) ___________ between neighbouring communities. Hence, on the market days, these places are quite crowded (3) ___________ trade activities. Visitors can watch and buy a lot of local specialities including corn wine, soybean as well as five-colour sticky rice. It’s also a special occasion for the ethnic people to tát (4) ___________ dressed in nice colourful clothes woven by skilled women, which motivates tourists to tát purchase brocatelle products for their own use. What’s more, (5) ___________ exciting cultural events also happen at the fairs to tát serve the locals and tourists.


TASK 1. For each question, complete the second sentence ví that it means the same as the first. Use the word in brackets and bởi not change it. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

1. Some students love riding bicycles around the lake in their miễn phí time.

Some students _______________ riding bicycles around the lake in their miễn phí time. (KEEN)

2. The ancient pagoda in this area is a very popular tourist destination.

This area ____________________ its ancient pagoda. (FAMOUS)

3. This trang web can give us a variety of ways to tát giảm giá with stress.

This trang web can ____________________ a variety of ways to tát giảm giá with stress. (PROVIDE)

4. How much does the wooden statue cost?

What ____________________ of the wooden statue? (PRICE)

5. The young farmer works faster than vãn the old one.

The old farmer ____________________ than vãn the young one. (SLOWLY)

TASK 2. Write a paragraph (80 - 100 words) about the advantages and disadvantages of playing online games in leisure time.

You can use the following questions as cues.

-  What are the advantages of playing online games?

- What are the disadvantages of playing online games?

- What should gamers (not) do?


TASK 1. Choose the word with a different way of pronunciation in the underlined part. Circle A, B, C, or D.                                                              

          1. A. good                          B. book                   C. cook                    D. cool

          2. A. detest                         B. prefer                 C. connect                   D. decorate

          3. A. enjoy                         B. harvest               C. revive                    D. celebrate

          4. A. area                           B. weave                 C. feature                    D. release

TASK 2. Choose the best option to tát complete each sentence. Circle A, B, C, or D.        

1. Just lượt thích in Alaska, ___________ used to tát be the most popular means of transport in this cold and snowy area.

A. trains

B. ships

C. dogsleds

D. horse carts

2. Teachers hope young learners will not make a bad ___________ of using mobile phones too much!

A. practice

B. tradition

C. custom

D. habit

3. ___________, Vietnamese children receive lucky money on Tet holiday.

A. Tradition

B. Traditional

C. Traditionally

D. Traditionalism

4. These villagers often gather in this ___________ in special cultural events.

A. flat

B. villa

C. resort

D. communal house

5. What a beautiful bamboo house! I’ve heard a lot ___________ it but I can’t imagine how beautiful it is!

A. from

B. about

C. on

D. that

6. Students prefer modern technology ___________ it can help them learn in a more convenient and comfortable way.

A. as

B. because of

C. due to

D. such as

TASK 3. Fill each blank with the correct sườn of the word in brackets.     

1. Young students are fond of ___________ (use) tablets when studying online.

2. Combine harvesters are used to tát help farmers ___________ (work) faster.

3. People now prefer living in the country to tát living in the đô thị because the air there is much ___________ (fresh).

4. When I reached the farm, my aunt was busy ___________ (milk) cows.

5. When Mai was young, she often ___________ (buy) pasta and cheese at this supermarket.

6. Minh thinks that it’s great ___________ (use) social truyền thông media for class discussion and group work.

7. Whenever you are bullied, you should ___________ (talk) to tát your teachers.

8. ___________ (walk) around areas with green trees and fresh air can help stressed people feel better.

9. During Tet holiday, many Vietnamese families visit pagodas ___________ (frequently) than vãn on other occasions.

10. Unless you stop using your tablets before bedtime, you ___________ (not be) able to tát sleep better.

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Đề thi đua Học kì 1 - Smart World

Năm học tập 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 8

Thời gian lận thực hiện bài: phút

Exercise 1. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. proofs           B. books      C. points      D. days 

2. A. change         B. choice     C. cheap       D. school 

Exercise 2. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.

3. A. reduce          B. destroy    C. increase      D. prefer 

4. A. shuttlecock  B. bakery     C. recipe         D. discussion Exercise 3. Choose the option that best completes each of the following sentences.

5. In his miễn phí time, my younger brother is ______ on taking photos and doing puzzles.

A. fond

B. keen

C. interested

D. crazy 

6. According to tát a survey, 21% of children under 18 in the UK enjoy ________ football.

A. to tát play

B. play

C. playing

D. played 

7. People in my village grow rice in vast _____ fields. 

A. corn

B. wheat

C. pad

D. paddy 

8. If the temperature ____ rising, the polar ice caps will melt. 

A. kept

B. keeps

C. has kept

D. will keep 

9. Because of ____ pollution, the bicycle may someday replace the automobile. 

A. water

B. air

C. noise

D. soil 

10. A strong earthquake caused a lot of _______ to tát eastern nhật bản last week. 

A. damaged

B. damages

C. damaging

D. damage 

11. We cannot prevent natural disasters but can _______ some of them. 

A. damage

B. destroy

C. predict

D. erupt 

12. - What bởi shopping centres ______ offer customers on special occasions?

- Mostly sales and  entertainment. 

A. never

B. rarely

C. usually

D. occasionally

13. The cycling club ___________ at 12 p.m. 

A. will finish

B. finishes

C. is finishing

D. has finished

14. We should clean up the park _______ we can enjoy hanging out there. 

A. and

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B. but

C. ví that

D. because 

15. Lam: It’s time for lunch.

Ly: ___________ 

A. Oh good!

B. One hour.

C. Half past twelve.

D. What is it?

16. Mai: Will you be able to tát come to tát the meeting? - Linh: ___________. 

A. I’m afraid not

B. Of course you will  

C. You must be kidding

D. I’m sorry not 

Exercise 4. Supply the correct sườn of the given word. 

17. Cutting down a lot of trees is very _____ to tát the environment. (HARM) 

18. National parks are ____ in protecting the environment and natural resources. (IMPORTANCE)

19. They live in a beautiful cottage ______ by trees and flowers. (SURROUND) 

20. I ______ cooking because I usually burn the food. (LIKE) 

Exercise 5. Choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D to tát complete the gmail. 

Dear Elena, 

Thanks for your gmail. Now I'II tell you about my summer holiday in my hometown. I live in Ha Noi, (21)  ________ my hometown is Ninh Binh. My grandparents live there, in a small house near a paddy field. I went  to tát stay with them in June. It was a wonderful holiday. Every morning, my grandma and I got up early and (22)  ________ the pigs and chickens. When we finished, we cooked breakfast. After that, I (23) ________ fishing  with my grandpa or helped my grandma with gardening. In the afternoon, I went to tát the fields with some other  children. They taught mạ to tát (24) _______ the buffaloes. Sometimes we flew kites or skipped rope together.  In the evening, I drew pictures, read books, or watched TV with my grandparents. I went to tát bed quite early,  at about 9 p.m. 

I'm sending you a photo I took (25) _________ my grandparents' house. I hope you'll lượt thích it. Love, 


21. A. but             B. so            C. for           D. or

22. A. feed            B. is feeding           C. fed           D. will fed

23. A. could          B. went        C. did           D. played

24. A. lập cập             B. get           C. go            D. herd

25. A. for              B. of             C. on            D. next

Exercise 6. Read the following passage. Choose TRUE if the statement is true, FALSE if the statement  is false. 

Nothing on earth is more majestic than vãn a tall, spreading tree. Trees are our friends in our fight for a healthier  planet. This is how they help us. First, trees are the Earth's lungs. They remove pollutants from the air and  significantly improve air quality. Research shows that with billions of trees, we could remove two-thirds of  all the carbon dioxide created by human activities. Second, trees reduce the runoff of rainwater, ví they can  reduce flooding. Moreover, if you enjoy sitting in the shade of a tree in the summer, you know that trees can  also lower air temperatures too. Trees growing beside a trang chính can cool the roof and the air around the house.  Therefore, it reduces air conditioning costs. And don't forget that trees create habitats for many species of  plants and animals. If you want to tát plant trees to tát help save the planet, there are simple ways to tát get started. Plant  trees around your house. If enough people did that, it would make a big difference. 

26. Trees help remove pollutants from water.

27. Trees help remove carbon dioxide from the air. 

28. There is less flooding thanks to tát trees. 

29. You pay less for air conditioning if you plant trees. 

30. If everybody plants trees around their homes, it will improve the planet. 

Exercise 7. Rewrite the above sentence with the given beginning in such a way that the meaning stays  unchanged. 

31. We were planting trees. Our friends were collecting rubbish. (while) 

=> ____________________________________________. 

32. Don’t touch that wire or you may get an electric shock. (If) 

=> ____________________________________________. 

33. Tom drives to tát work every morning. 

=> Tom goes ____________________________________. 

34. There are five people in his family. 

=> His family_____________________________________. 

35. My house is behind the hospital. 

=> The hospital ___________________________________. 

Exercise 8. Listen to tát Max and Jess talking about the festival. Choose the correct answers. 36. Why did Jess take part in this workshop? 

A. Her teacher recommended it. 

B. Her friend Rosie invited her. 

C. She enjoyed a drama lesson at school. 

37. What did she learn about mime? 

A. You use your face and your body toàn thân to tát show your feelings. 

B. It's best if you show your real feelings. 

C. You have to tát show feelings very strongly. 

38. What happened at lunchtime? 

A. Jess felt ill. 

B. A girl had an accident. 

C. The teacher decided to tát play the main character. 

39. What problem was there in the final show? 

A. The music was too loud. 

B. Some of the actors forgot their costumes. 

C. The lights didn't work properly. 

40. What did Jess enjoy the most? 

A. The final show.

B. Learning some dance moves.

C. Meeting new people. -----------------

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Đề thi đua Học kì 1 - Friends plus

Năm học tập 2023 - 2024

Môn: Tiếng Anh 8

Thời gian lận thực hiện bài: phút

Exercise 1. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others?

1. A. nation            B. feature     C. nature      D. adventure 

2. A. function        B. future      C. question D. nature 

Exercise 2. Which word has a different stress pattern from that of the others?

3. A. decade          B. puzzle     C. vintage        D. collar 

4. A. apparently     B. generally C. obviously D. absolutely 

Exercise 3. Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that best fits the space in each question.

5. I _______ work, walked to tát the beach and found a nice place to tát swim. 

A. finish

B. finished

C. was finishing

D. used to tát finish

6. We suddenly _______ an old school friend when we _______ in a café. 

A. saw / were sitting

B. were seeing / sat 

C. saw / sat

D. were seeing / were sitting 

7. Living in a flat is all right, but it has its limitations - _______, you don't have your own garden.

A. for good

B. for sale

C. for all

D. for instance

8. Tourists can discover the underwater world by going ______.

A. scuba-diving

B. mountain climbing

C. skydiving

D. bungee jumping

9. In 2005, Jack phối off on an ______ journey which lasted for around 15 years. He travelled to tát many  fascinating places around the world.

A. epic

B. exotic

C. extreme

D. enormous 

10. That’s the cửa hàng ______ I bought my ski equipment. 

A. what

B. when

C. which

D. where 

11. We didn’t spend ______ money on Christmas presents. 

A. few

B. little

C. many

D. much 

12. I am OK, ______? 

A. am not I

B. am I

C. aren't I

D. are I  

13. My parents ______ the house all day, ví they are feeling tired now. 

A. cleaned

B. will be cleaning

C. have cleaned

D. have been cleaning

14. Would you rather ______ Cát Tiên National Park or a rainforest? 

A. explore

B. to tát explore

C. exploring

D. explored 

15. Ann: What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary!


A. Thank you very much. I am afraid

B. You are telling a lie 

C. Thank you for your compliment

D. I don’t lượt thích your sayings 

16. Hoa: It’s time for lunch.

- Nam: ___________ 

A. Oh good!

B. One hour

C. Half past twelve

D. What is it?

Exercise 4. Supply the correct sườn of the word given in each sentence. 

17. Listen! Tom and Jerry are _______ having a quarrel. (APPARENT) 

18. Located between Nepal and Tibet, Mount Everest has attracted many climbers, including highly  experienced ______. (MOUNTAIN) 

19. It is thought that the very first placental mammals were tiny ______, but no fossil evidence of them  remains. (INSECT) 

20. The salt ______ as the water evaporates. (CRYSTAL) 

Exercise 5. Read the following and decide if the following sentences are True or False. It is a common misconception that those who take part in extreme sports or look for an “adrenaline rush” are  most likely to tát be young and male. This way of thinking makes extreme sports become viewed in a way that is  inaccessible to tát “normal people”. In fact, participation in extreme activities is beneficial to tát humans. Participants  from all sorts of extreme sports broaden their extraordinary sensory experience that is not usually available in  everyday life. This is because their ability to tát see, here and feel are all heightened during their participation.  For example, base jumpers often talk about an enhanced capacity to tát see every nook and cranny, shapes and  sizes of the rock even though they are travelling at 200 mph. What’s more, there is clear evidence that most  sensation-seekers develop positive relationships with the natural world and pro-environmental behaviors.  During their participation in extreme sports, participants feel lượt thích they are merging with the environment which  invariably turns into a feeling of being profoundly part of nature. This may be one reason why ví many extreme  sports athletes spend a great giảm giá of energy and time protecting the natural environment and working hard to  raise public awareness of its importance. 

21. Most people are under the impression that participants in extreme sports are young and male.

22. Participation in extreme sports does harm to tát human well-being. 

23. Extreme sports participation is unlikely to tát be suitable for the general population.

24. Participants in adventure sports can experience the feeling of merging with nature.

Exercise 6. Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best fits each blank space in the following passage. CUSTOMER REVIEWS 

Wind-up radio: I bought it last week. As a green consumer, I love this idea because there is (25) ______ need  for batteries. All you need is wind this radio up for one minute and you will listen for twenty minutes. Also, I  find it easy to tát tune to tát the station I want to tát hear. However, the biggest (26) ______ is that its rubber cover  easily wears (27) ______. The company should giảm giá with it soon or customers will choose a better brand. 

Water-powered clock: If you lượt thích durable goods, this clock is a must-have item. I bought it eight years ago,  but it still works. It just stopped (28) ______ last week. I emptied it, filled it with some tap water and shook it  around a little. Then, it worked just lượt thích a new one. What impresses mạ is that the clock is made (29) ______ 

recycled materials, ví it’s a bit more expensive than vãn a normal one. In my (30) ______, the price is acceptable  and it’s a great gift for your best friends! 

25. A. no B. not C. any D. none 

26. A. destruction B. advantage C. solution D. disadvantage 27. A. on B. off C. out D. away 

28. A. doing B. taking C. working D. bringing 

29. A. of B. into C. from D. up 

30. A. thought B. view C. thinking D. vision 

Exercise 7. Rearrange the groups of words in a correct order to tát make complete sentences.

31. through the dunes / competitors have / of the desert. / In the challenge, / to tát lập cập 250 kilometres _______________________________________________ 

32. done? / What’s / journey / you’ve ever / the longest  


Exercise 8. Rewrite each of the following sentences in another way ví that it means almost the same as  the sentence printed before it. 

33. My uncle was a bus driver when he was young.  

→ My uncle used ___________________________. 

34. Dance marathons are no longer popular in the USA. (USED) 

→ Dance marathons _________________________. 

35. They are too poor to tát buy food. (ENOUGH) 

→ They are_________________________________. 

Exercise 9. Listen to tát a talk about online shopping and fill in each blank with a suitable word.

36. You can buy a product or ____________ online. 

37. When shopping online, you visit a ____________ trang web. 

38. Online shopping helps you save time and _____________. 

39. If you return a product, you still must pay for the _____________. 

40. Shopping online can make you become a _____________. 

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