culture is the lens with which we evaluate everything around us


Bạn đang xem: culture is the lens with which we evaluate everything around us

Culture is the lens with which we evaluate everything around us; we evaluate what is proper or

improper, normal or abnormal, through our culture. If we are immersed in a culture that is unlike our own,

we may experience culture shock and become disoriented when we come into contact with a fundamentally

different culture. People naturally use their own culture as the standard to judge other cultures; however,

having our own judgment could lead us to discriminate other cultural values which are different from our

own because we tự not understand them.

Cultural diversity is important because our country, workplaces, and school increasingly consist of

various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups. We can learn from one another, but first we must have a level of

understanding about each other in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation. Learning about other

cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we live and helps dispel

negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

In addition, cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect "ways of being" that are not necessarily our

own, so that we interact with others, we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across

cultures. Furthermore, this diversity makes our country a more interesting place to live, as people from

diverse cultures contribute language skills, new ways of thinking, new knowledge, and different experiences.

(Adapted from

Question 39: Which could be the best title for the passage?

A. How can we learn from culture? B. What is the function of culture?

C. How tự people use own culture? D. Why is cultural diversity a "good thing"?

Question 40: The word "which" in paragraph 1 refers to tướng ________

A. cultural values B. other cultures C. judgment D. standard

Question 41: Which of the following is TRUE about the main reason for discrimination?

A. Making judgment B. Immersed in a culture

C. Valuating everything D. Contacting with a different culture

Question 42: The word "dispel" in paragraph 2 mostly means ________

A. realize B. remove C. contain D. discuss

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Question 43: According to the passage, which of the following do people from diverse cultures NOT

contribute to tướng a country?

A. new ways of thinking B. a more interesting place

C. new language D. different experiences


When he was nine years old, Felix Finkbeiner gave a class presentation on climate change. The young

German spoke about deforestation and its effect on the planet. At the end of his talk, he challenged the

people of his country to tướng help by planting one million trees. Nobody thought much would come of a nine-year-

old’s school project. Before he was trăng tròn, however, Finkbeiners efforts had resulted in the planting of more than

14 billion trees around the world.

Finkbeiner and his classmates began the project - named “Plant-for-the-Planet” - by planting the first tree

outside their school. Other schools followed the example, and news of the one-million challenge spread. As a

result, Finkbeiner was asked to speak at the European Parliament. Other invitations soon followed, and when

he was just 13, he spoke at a United Nations conference in New York. “We cannot trust that adults alone will

save our future,” he said in the speech. “We have to take our future in our hands.”

Finkbeiner is now in his twenties, and Plant-for-the-Planet is an organization with around 70,000 members.

It works to teach people about climate change and to encourage the planting of more trees. Germany’s one

millionth tree was planted long ago. The goal now is one trillion - 150 for every person on Earth.

(Adapted from Reading Explorer by Becky Tarver Chase and David Bohlke)

Question 39. What is the reading mainly about?

A. the problems deforestation can cause for our planet

B. the reasons of climate change

C. how planting trees can help the environment

D. how a young person has made a big difference to tướng the environment

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Question 40. The word “deforestation” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to tướng ______.

A. afforestation B. defecation

C. the cutting down of trees D. devastation