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The configuration thực đơn of a Private Server.

Private Servers are an integrated part of Roblox that Blox Fruits uses. They can be purchased for RobuxIcon 200 which renews for the same cost every 30 days.

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To explain private servers, it's quite simple. If you buy one, it's basically a safe place all to tát yourself, which only you and people you invite can join, making an entirely separate server from public ones. You can invite people by:

  • Adding their username to tát a list in the configuration thực đơn,
  • Sending them a private server links generated using the configuration thực đơn and having them click on it,
  • Or turning on the option that allows your Roblox friends to tát join.

It effectively allows you to tát play Blox Fruits in private, not having to tát worry about other players, or perhaps to tát relax.


  • Only 2 fruits can spawn inside of a private server since its start, meaning you'll need to tát restart the server if you want more to tát spawn.
  • If you are the owner of the private server (the person who pays for the server), you can type the /shutdown command into the chat to tát "shut down" the private server, kicking everyone inside of it.
    • This does not remove your private server from existence, it simply restarts it. You can join back after.
  • Bosses will not spawn at the start of the server. They'll instead spawn when their respawn period is over.
  • New servers start on a half moon, with the sun halfway in the sky, making private servers VERY useful for Trials and Kitsune Shrine hunting. Even after a restart, it will reset to tát half moon with the sun halfway in the sky.
  • Roblox accounts that have their age phối to tát below 13 cannot join private servers through links; this is due to tát a recent Roblox security update.
    • If your tài khoản has its age phối to tát above 13 and you're still unable to tát join, make sure to tát allow private server invites from everyone in your privacy settings.


On some platforms, most notably Discord, people have recently started sending fake private server links to tát other players. These are quite dangerous, because if you press on the links, it will transport you into a fake login prompt that looks lượt thích Roblox's.

  • If you login through the fake prompt, the links will steal your tài khoản details and give your details to tát the person who sent it. You will not be able to tát get it back unless you have proof of ownership of the tài khoản (e.g. a receipt of a Robux purchase).
  • Fake private server links can easily be discerned from a real one by looking at the domain name. A standard Roblox links starts with either, or If it starts with something else (such as wwv-roblox, or rblox, or even roblox-site) or ends with something else (such as, or, the links could be fake.

PLEASE make sure to tát kiểm tra links properly before you click them. It's very important for your tài khoản security.

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Private Server-sharing[]

  • On this page, you can help others out by letting them join your private server. You can tự this by putting your private server links in a separate section below, letting others join.
    • You need a FANDOM tài khoản to tát add a links here. If you tự add a links, make sure to tát add your FANDOM username, as well as a hyperlink to tát your user page. There are multiple examples below.
    • If you have any trouble with adding your server, liên hệ Limeturtkle.

Rules for servers[]

  1. Delete all expired and unusable links.
  2. Any server is allowed to tát have its own rules.
    • If someone is breaking a rule of the server you're on, message the owner of the private server about it.
  3. Exploiting is never allowed. It's against the rules of the game itself.
    • If you want to tát report a player for exploiting, you may visit Reporting A Player to tát tệp tin a report for everyone to tát see.
    • Or, you can also report them to tát the official Blox Fruits Discord Server. Level 3 on MEE6 required.
  4. Do not add Discord servers to tát the page/your section before asking for permission from Limeturtkle.

Private Servers section[]


Some of these links have been replaced and turned into links that could be harmful to tát you, as explained in the Security section… Be very careful when clicking these links. If you notice that the links is anything other than vãn a regular Private Server link; then please report it to tát a wiki admin/moderator found at the Wiki Staff Page.

Server 1[]

  • Discord:
    ^2 private servers in there
  • Owner: Quenky
  • Rules: Do not PvP without authorization. Don't exploit. Respect your fellow grinders. If you see a hacker, take their kills, or kill them. Ruin their lives; waste their time.

Process of verifying

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  1. Verify yourself in #verify-here.
  2. Accept the rules in #rules, giving you the "Peasant" role.
  3. Head over to tát #info and read on how to tát apply.
  4. Create a ticket in #ps-tickets and follow the format for the game you'd lượt thích in order to tát apply. Then, wait for a staff thành viên to tát see your request.
  5. Follow the instructions that Dyno will send you in direct message
  • We verify people this way to tát get an estimate on where people would be, sánh in case of a killing attack or somebody sharing the links, it is easier to tát investigate.

Server 2[]

  • Server Link:
  • Owner: Epicezz2 / Slixkzy_Ren
  • Discord Server: Slickzy's Domain
  • Notes:
    1. This is a 13+ server sánh don't bother trying to tát join if you're under 13
    2. Please keep the chat to tát English
    3. Auto Clicking/Afk Auto Clicking is allowed
    4. ALLY EVERYONE When enter my seas (Don't be stupid)
    5. You can report hackers/bounty hunters to tát my discord server.
    6. Provide the USERNAME, DISPLAY NAME, REASONING and EVIDENCE when making a report.
    7. Don't make false reports because YOU didn't ally someone and got mad at them.
    8. I don't lượt thích Marines
  • Rules:
    1. DO NOT send the server links to tát your friends if they don't know the rules
    3. No autofarming/exploiting.
    4. No bounty hunting
    5. No pvping without permission
    6. Don't be toxic (even to tát marines)
    7. Bounty Hunting is only allowed against Marines

Server 3[]

  • Link:
  • Owners: Pureony | Discord: pureony#0, and Discord: nekukun#0
  • Rules:
    1. PvP is allowed only with permission. 0 tolerance if someone breaks this rule.
    2. No use of exploits, scripts, etc.
    3. You can use Autoclickers.
    4. Bounty hunting is forbidden.
    5. You can report with evidence to tát my message wall or in the #reports channel on the discord.
    6. Don't be toxic.

Server 4[]

  • Discord:
  • Owner: baconinahotdogsuit#0 (Discord)
  • Rules:
    1. Bounty hunting is not allowed unless I (Frank) or a private server owner says sánh.
    2. No hacking/exploiting is allowed at all, ever.
    3. No toxicity is allowed.
    4. No stealing kills.
    5. Enjoy yourselves!

Server 5[]

  • Link:
  • Owner: AridTheFox (aridthefox#0 on Discord)
  • Rules:
    1. No PvP, ever.
    2. Share the farm spots if needed.
    3. Autoclicking is allowed.
    4. No exploiting/hacking.

Server 6[]

  • Link:
  • Owner: Eldho sajan (discord @eldho_sajan)
  • Rules:
    1. no pvp without consent
    2. should prioritize people who dont have v4 yet
    3. there will be a group of people who decide who goes first sánh if they tell that you are going second or third dont try to tát argue with them if u argue u will get a permanent ban
    4. STRICTLY no exploiting//permanent ban/ no appeal
    5. Be marine when joining, strictly no pirate

Server 7[]

  • Link:
  • Owner: Numbercell233 | (Discord: @12234266)
  • Rules:
    1. No PvP/Bounty Hunting, only exception is a mutual agreement from both buổi tiệc nhỏ.
    2. Toxicity will not be tolerated.
    3. Any forms of exploiting is strictly prohibited. (Autoclickers are allowed)
    4. Try to tát accept ally and request ally with other players at all times.
    5. You may kill any player that violates any of the rules above.

Enjoy your stay and try to tát be always nice with other players in the server.

Server 8[]

  • link:
  • Owner: franktheranktank (or goopGuy)
  • Rules:
  1. No PvP/Bounty Hunting (you know who you are)
  2. Toxicity is not allowed
  3. No hackers
  4. NO marines

Server 9[]

  • Link:
  • Owner: corruptedbagels (Slapbattlesfan69 on wiki)


  • Rules:
  1. no pvp
  2. no hacks
    • if you wish to tát appeal, message on my wall, the only other active mod for my server rn is mythicaltree, idk what happened to tát others, you can apply on my wall, if you want to tát whine about my server tự it in the server messages, not my message wall.
    • stop whining, my rules will stay lượt thích this. idc if the server is low on ppl.

Server 10[]

  • Link: send your username on the comments and ill add you to tát the server (to prevent exploiters or rule breakers)
  • Owner: Xy_Pyxl
  • Rules:
  1. No exploiting
  2. No pvping unless both people agree to tát the fight
  3. Share grinding spots
  4. No toxicity, spamming, advertising or inappropriate/suggestive things in chat
  5. Sacrifice fruits from notifier to tát the sea (unless legendaries and mythicals)
  6. Try not to tát argue and be nice to tát other server members.

Server 11[]

  • Link: Temporarily Closed
  • Owner: openwld, Roblox: openwld, Discord: iloveilyushin
  • Rules [Category 0: Info]:
  1. By joining the server you automatically agree to tát the rules.
  2. Breaking rules go one tier higher on punishments every time you break it. We don't appeal our bans.
  3. How a ban works is that we team on you every time you join.
  4. Axolotls rule here.
  5. Pikachu is the best Pokémon.
  6. I change links every now and then. The links on the wiki is always valid regardless.
  7. I hire raiders and grinders every now and then. You may join but follow their tos.
  8. You can hire my services. DM bu on discord.
  9. DM bu here or on discord for rule breakers.
  • Rules [Category I: Warn]:
  1. No "ez noob" unless paying for bounty.
  2. Don't be annoying verbally.
  3. No unfriendly pvp without consent on both parties for 2.5M+.
    • You may find friendly PVP locations at:
    • First Sea: Colosseum [Anchor: Colosseum]
    • Second Sea: Kingdom of Rose->Colossum [Closest Anchor: Docks 1]
    • Third Sea: Hydra Island->Friendly Arena [Anchor: Hydra Arena]
  4. No spamming moves without a target.
  5. No begging for raids, ABSOLUTELY no pvp in raid quấn fights.
  6. Don't fight over farm spots (if absolutely necessary, pvp, winner gets the spot).
  • Rules [Category II: Severe Warn]:
  1. No autoclicking on players (autoclicker 100% op on bosses and npcs).
  2. Before teaming on a boss/raid quấn, ally whoever you are teaming with.
  3. Don't steal fruits.
  4. No bounty/honor hunting.
  5. No flexing (unless hosting party).
  6. No wasting other people's time, especially on people with double xp on.
  7. No begging for fruits. No giveaways without my consent for Mythics.
  8. Elites belong to tát the owner. PH quests must be agreed on.
  9. No spawning Cake Prince when someone is trying to tát get Dough King (unless with consent).
  • Rules [Category III: Ban]:
  1. Scamming is not allowed.
  2. Don't act extremely childish.
  3. Don't keep killing people over and over.
  4. Don't tự dangerous trades
  5. Don't kill people on a ship.

Follow common sense and have fun!!

Server 12[]

  • Link:
  • Owner: GoldenMyd
  • Rules:
  1. Do not exploit/script
  2. Do not bounty hunting (or i will bounty hunt you :P )
  3. Do not autoclicking (autofarming)
  4. Do not bounty hunt marines
  5. Have fun

Server 13[]

  • Link:
  • Owner: Diu9LeiGor4PorkGuy
  1. Rules:
    1. No PvP, unless both sides agreed.
    2. No stealing npc kills.
    3. No toxic, arguing and spamming.
    4. No exploiting/hacking.
    5. Be nice to tát others

Server 14[]

  • Link: Sorry, but message bu before entering the private server
  • Owner: Idontknowusername1
  • Rules:
    • You ARE allowed to:
      1. Use tự động hóa clicker
      2. Have fun
      3. Be a Pirate or a Marine
      4. Join even if you are under level 700/not in Second Sea
    • You ARE allowed ONLY WITH PERMISSION to:
      • Talk a different language (it means talk on a language other than vãn English)
    • You ARE NOT allowed to:
      1. Bounty Hunt
      2. Beg for fruits
      3. Exploit/Cheat/Hack
      4. Steal kills/someone's grinding spot
      5. Be toxic
      6. Speak gibberish for no reason
      7. Scam
      8. PvP
  • Information:
    • If you see someone breaking the rules, please message bu.
    • This private server will only last for a few months.
    • You can use this private server if you want to tát grind here peacefully.
    • I have to tát remove the links to tát prevent rule breakers. If you want to tát join this private server, you need to tát message bu.

Server 15[]

  • Owner: kazzaluis2
  • Server name: Trial Kingdome
  • Discord Server:
  • Rules:
    • You ARE allowed to:
      1. Use tự động hóa clicker
      2. Have fun
      3. Speak SPANISH or English
    • You ARE allowed ONLY WITH PERMISSION to:
      • PVP, Any hunting, Raid or Trial.
    • You ARE NOT allowed to:
      1. Bounty Hunt
      2. Beg for fruits
      3. Exploit/Cheat/Hack
      4. Steal kills/someone's grinding spot
      5. Be toxic
      6. Speak gibberish for no reason
      7. Scam
  • Information:
    • If you see someone breaking the rules, please message on discord server
    • You can use this private server if you want to tát grind here peacefully.